Wood Chip Surfacing

At Grounds For Play, we’re proud to offer many different types of playground surfacing, all of which have been chosen for their adherence to high safety standards. One option is our ever-popular wood chips, made of Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF). The most economical, ADA-compliant surfacing material on the market, our playground wood chips come from local sources, so the actual content varies based on the particular timber available in an area. We recommend and provide superior drainage bases for EWF-use zones to protect your investment, as well as the children who play on it.

Benefits of creating a wood chips playground with Grounds For Play include the following:

  • Implementation of the standard surfacing option for playgrounds
  • Full ADA compliance
  • Protected investment with our superior drainage bases
  • Economical, affordable option for play area

At Grounds For Play, we know there’s more to children than their physical bodies. That’s why our play environments cater not only to physical development, but also to emotional, social, and cognitive growth. Based upon the particular age group that will use a playground, we cater to all the activities, play centers, equipment, and features to the particular learning levels and needs of those children. Whether you’re placing a play environment at a school, a park, a university, or on a military base, our designers provide exactly the right equipment for you. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive product line, which includes playground woodchips!